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HaMahanot HaOlim Youth Movement

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What is a youth movement?

A youth movement is a social group activity taking place in afternoon time of meetings for children and youth. During the activity the participants learn, play, travel, volunteer and make activities that aim to empower and develop personal abilities and also provide tools to influence and make a change and improvement of reality, so Israeli society will become a better society. Children and teenagers hang out together in a positive and protected atmosphere with educational figures that surround them.

Each branch of the movement is called "Mahane". Every participant is part of a group according to his age, and is mentored by an instructor (for elementary school participants - high school instructors, for high school participants - instructors aged 18 and above). Each Mahane has an adult Head Coordinator and instructors in "Shnat Sherut" (18-year-old volunteers in gap year before military service). The activity is conducted accordingly with state laws and the procedures of the Ministry of Education. All instructors have undergone long training courses, receiving guidance and training from the movement.

HaMahanot HaOlim is a long-standing youth movement that has been active since 1926. Its core values are human equality, Zionism, leadership, social involvement, tolerance, democracy and connection to the country. Every activity in the Mahane has educational goals with values and meaning.

The activity takes place once or twice a week, on fixed days and hours. The activity in the movement involves an annual fee -a 'membership fee'. The payment is for the movement uniform-shirt, medical insurance, maintenance of the building, training of the instructors and participation in the costs of the activity. Throughout the year, the kids and youngsters are invited to trips, workshops and special activities during school vacations with an additional and separate fee from the annual registration.

The activity is insured by the "Bituach Haklayi" company.
We invite you, dear parents, to be involved!

What does the activity in the movement look like?
Experiences in the Mahane!
Your child is very important from the very first moment, and will go through an educational proc
ess. The instructors put big efforts and thoughts in the participants and over the time the Mahane becomes like another home where they are the principals, the decision makers and they become responsible. The participants grow from challenges encountered in the Mahane, develop abilities of cooperation, self confidence, creativity, problem solving, responsibility and participating in unique experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

Developing in the Mahane!
The Mahane is the place for every participant to discover new things about themselves and the world, to try new things, to do things they love and to find their place among friends. The high-school participants, who are the older ones, take roles and each person is invited to take a position of leadership. While doing that they are taught and trained through courses which are recognized by the Ministry of Education and the schools.

Learning values in the Mahane!
We encourage the youngsters to be people who influence for what is right and just - to make the world a better place by educational activities, to be aware of injustice, to feel responsible for society’s future and to volunteer in their community. The activities in the Mahane encourage Israeli and Zionist identity through the connections they form with others.

The instructor in the Mahane!
In the Mahane, each participant has a guide - a character who cares for them, talks to them at eye level, who is a personal example. The guide is an address for you, parents, for all intents and purposes.

See you in the Mahane :)

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